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Director of Audit. Mr. David Scott Coombes.


Contributing to the BAES national audit of index procedures ( Thyroidectomy, parathyroidectomy and Adrenalectomy) is an obligation of membership for members of the BAES working in the UK.

The National Audit is collated from the anonymised returns of individual members. Standard proformas for returning case by case audit are available from the BAES office C/o ASGBI, Royal College of Surgeons,  35-43Lincolns Inn Fields , London, WC2A 3PE.  Tel: 0207 973 0300  Fax: 0207 430 9235.

Details of results from the national audit  will appear on this website in due course.(Probably June 2004)

Important note, May 2004:

The large numbers of audit forms being returned to the BAES office at ASGBI have overwhelmed the  capacity of the staff there to enter them on the database . There is therefore a backlog of over a thousand forms. This was discussed at the Executive meeting in  April 2004 and the following proposals agreed:

Entry of the backlog will be subcontracted with a view to clearing it by the end of 2004

Members are requested to send in ONE return only for each case, ie. wait until the follow up visit before submitting the form. It would also be helpful if forms were sent in in batches.

Visit rushessay.com reviews to read the most reliable reviews by college students We will work towards a transfer to direct (web based) electronic submisssion with an intended starting date of 1 Jan 2005. THere are a many complex issues to resolve before this can be done including issues of confidentiality and the need to be working in parallel with other specialist groups within ASGBI. In addition, of course, funding will need to be attracted.

In the meantime we apologise that we cannot always provide the summary and  peer comparison audits that we had hoped. Please however continue to submit audit forms so as not to break the sequence.