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BAES : Newsletter February 2004


Good News! we are at last back on THE WEB so we hope you will be able to get all the information you need by connecting to:


You will note that this is a different address from our old website, but as that has now been taken by another organisation please just link to our new one. If you have any criticisms or suggestions for additions please let us know.

We also have a new dedicated phone and fax line for the BAES office at the ASGBI in the Royal College of Surgeons in London: You can now contact Bhavnita Borkhatria at :

Tel: 020 7304 4771        Fax: 020 7430 9235

On The Website you will find information about the 2004 Annual Meeeting which Anders Bergenfelz is arranging at LUND in southern Sweden on Thurs-Fri September 16-17th. Lund is a lively university town just a short trip on the train direct from Copenhagen Airport. There will be a full partners’ programme and the opportunity to stay on in Copenhagen after the meeting. We anticipate this will be an excellent meeting and we hope you will put the dates into your diary now. We will be calling for abstracts in February with a deadline of May 31st. Details and abstract forms will be on the website. We are also enclosing an abstract form herewith.

There are many endocrine surgery meetings scheduled for this year and we hope that will not discourage you from supporting your own Association in September. Nevertheless if you enjoyed the BAES meeting in Pisa in 2002 you may additionally be interested in the inaugural meeting of the European Society of Endocrine Surgeons which will meet there on May14-15th. Details from www.med.unipi.it/endochir

Our own Masterclass will be held this year at the Edinburgh College on April 5th and 6th. The IAES sponsored course in Endocrine surgery overseen by Malcolm Wheeler is being held in Turkey just after our Annual meeting. Details on our website.

The BAES Guidelines

The Guidelines have now been revised and as promised are now available on the website. We would encourage all members to review them and let Richard Bliss have their comments before March 10th so that they can be republished this spring.

The Executive

Tony Young took over from Richard Collins as President at the Annual Meeting in Leeds last September and Zyg Krukowski was elected as President-elect to follow on in 2006. The Executive has been re-organised to allocate specific functions to most of the members. Details are on the website. Please contact the relevant Executive member direct if you have any issues to discuss or contact us via Bhavnita at the ASGBI.

The European Exam

There is much debate at present about the future of surgical training, the intercollegiate exam and certification of specialty training. Tony Young is on the General Surgical SAC and Barney Harrison is on the Curriculum Committee so we are in a position to keep you informed which we will do via the website. The "European Exam" is currently the only qualification in endocrine surgery available other than the Intercollegiate exam. It is a cv, logbook and viva based exam which we hope trainees and consultants, especially those recently appointed, will consider taking. In addition we hope that those who take it will consider putting themselves up as examiners. Details on the Website.


The first full analysis of our results will be available before the end of March and will be on the website, suitably anonymised. Contribution to the national audit is likely to allow a valuable, possibly essential contribution to annual appraisal and in due course revalidation so if you are not adding details of your endocrine procedures please contact Bhavnita at the College to get a personalised template.

Research Projects

The Association is currently supporting two strands of research. The joint Charles Harris/RCS of England fellowship is a 2-year project examining the role of Galectin 3 as a marker for malignancy in follicular neoplasms. This was awarded to Miss Pallavi Mehrotra at Newcastle and preliminary results were presented to the Association last year. Early results would indicate that it is not as sensitive a marker for malignancy as initial data indicated. The search for a more reliable marker continues.

A second research project is a joint proposal with the Universities of Liege and Lund to run a multi-centre trial comparing sub-total with total thyroidectomy in the treatment of Graves’ Disease. A website has been established (www.egbs.be) and MREC approval has been sought. The aim is to randomise 450 patients in total. It is hoped that BAES members will make a significant contribution to this important study.

Revalidation and Clinical Excellence Awards

The Association’s role in these matters has been discussed at length in the Executive and we have concluded that we can and should confirm that members have (or have not!) been contributing to the Association’s National Peer Audit but we would not release the details of anyone’s audit results except in response to a written request from the member.

We can however support members where Clinical Excellence awards are concerned by confirming that their contribution to the Association has been in the form of one or more of the following:

      Active membership

      Participation in Meetings

      Presentations at Meetings

      Membership of the Executive

      Work for the Association

Members will understand that we cannot explicitly vouch for their clinical excellence, probity etc and that the association must restrict itself to matters of verifiable fact. For the same reason we have thus far held back from publishing on the website a list of members of the Association least the public (who have access to the website) should take that to represent endorsement of clinical competence. The Executive would welcome members’ views on this.


The meeting in Leeds in September was well attended and made a profit for the Association which is welcome in view of our small annual income. We have taken as many soundings as we can and believe that a September meeting is preferred to the traditional May one so as to avoid clashes with the ASGBI meeting. We remain uncertain however as to whether to continue our new habit of having our meetings in Europe in alternate years. Depending on the success of the meeting in Lund and the effects of the ESES , the Association will need to take a view about that and indeed decide whether to retrench as a primarily British Association or continue to position ourselves as a European body. Needless to say we are very keen to heart your views about this.

The Current plan is for the 2005 meeting to be held in Newcastle.

Tony Young/Richard Bliss