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Education and  Examinations

Wildlife Removal Endocrine Surgical Trainees and consultants are entitled to sit the "European Exam" in Endocrine surgery details of which are available at: WWW.uemssurg.org  and follow the links for endocrine surgery. In 2004 it will be possible to sit the exam at  the BAES  meeting in Lund in September. Anyone wishing to sit the exam may contact Bertil Hamberger for further information and to register at :

    Bertil.Hamberger  or Fax  0046 833 6659

Having passed the exam native english speakers are encouraged to put themselves forward as examiners.


The BAES holds  an Annual Masterclass, for the next available click to connect to the Masterclass page.

An Annual International 4 day Postgraduate Course in Endocrine Surgery is available and is usually held in a warm country towards the end of the summer. Details of the 2004 course to be held on 19-23 September  in Antalya, Turkey can be found at  www.iaescourse2004.com 

A 2 day course on thyroid and parathyroid disease will be held at the Royal Free Hospital in London on May 21 and 22 2003. Click here for details