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The BAES guidelines for Endocrine Surgeons were first produced in 1999 and the text included here is the DRAFT of the first revision. It is included here to allow members of the Association to comment before a document is finalised for publication. All comments should be addressed to the Honorary Secretary before March 20th 2004 mailto:Richard.Bliss.

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Introduction    Thyroid    Parathyroid    Adrenal    Pancreas    Tx info 

Toxicosis info    PHPT info    RHPT info    RAI info    Standards    Training   


Disclaimer: Members of the BAES have compiled these guidelines in good faith based on their  interpretation of published information and their shared clinical experience. They are however guidelines and individual clinicians   must accept responsibility for decisions applied to the care of  patients.


san-antonio.gethcginjections.com Members are also requested to look at the draft NICE guidelines on Head and Neck Cancer  and pass any comments to the President, Tony Young. The guidelines are currently in draft form and can be accessed at http://www.nice.org.uk/pdf/Head_neck_cancer_firstcons.pdf.The BAES has already commented on this first draft but there will be further opportunities at the second draft stage starting April 2004